Peace Does Not Equal Quiet

We’ve all heard it…we’ve all said it: I need some peace and quiet!

In the hustle and chaos of this world, we mistakenly think that to have peace means everything and everyone needs to be quiet. The kids need to be napping and not fussing, the TV is turned off, the husband needs to help with the chores, etc. This list goes on. Actually, peace has nothing to do with a quiet surrounding. It’s more about who we are on the inside and how we react. defines Peace:

  1. Freedom from civil disturbance.
  2. A state of security
  3. Freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts

Look at #’s 2 and 3: Those can only come from inside ourselves. We must pull those from our inner strength….strength that can only come from one source.

Let’s look at peace in action.

In Mark 4:35-41, Jesus and the disciples are on a boat when a dangerous storm hits. The NIV Bible calls it a “squall.” The disciples are panicking and scared, convinced they are going to die.** Jesus is asleep! He was sleeping through the entire storm! They had to wake him in order for Jesus to calm the storm! So cool! Jesus is living proof that your circumstances do not have to be perfect to have peace.

(**Something to ponder: Why would the disciples think that God would go to all the trouble of sending his Son to this earth only to die on a boat? Those crazy disciples! )

I know you’re probably thinking, “Of course Jesus was asleep, He’s the Living God!” And that is so true. However, what we need to remember is that during Jesus’ walk on this earth… Yes, He was fully God… but He was also fully man. He took on every possible earthly situation that can come against us and shows us the way to stand strong.

So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and needing “peace and quiet.” Look to the true source of Peace. You’ll be surprised at how trivial your chaos becomes.

Stay Strong! Stay Sweet!

Seamingly Simple

Seamingly Simple!

My sewing machine = My happy place.

So many people think that sewing is only for those who have been blessed with an incredible talent.   NOT TRUE!

If you can sew a straight line, you can create anything!

When I realized that all I had to do was sew a simple seam or hem, the possibilities became endless on what I could create! Think about it…. place 2 pieces of fabric together and sew.  The only other special talent you need is to follow instructions on a pattern… and that’s only if you’re using a pattern!   I have made window curtains, shower curtains, placemats, napkins, quilts and tote bags… just to name a few things.

Hop over to my menu page “Sewing Projects” and check out some pictures of a few projects that require nothing more than for you to know how to sew a straight line!

A Simple Patch Quilt Started It All!

OK…so quilting my not sound like the most exciting past time. As a matter of fact, you’re probably thinking “quilting? Only grandmas do that!” Well…that’s only partly true. I quilt…and I’m a grandmother….hmmmm. Well….I haven’t always been interested in sewing, much less quilting. Actually, up until recently, my job and career have taken the front seat in my daily journey.

What changed? Everything! I became a Nana! So far I have one little grandson who has become the center of my world! He is the sweetest and funniest little guy. So how does this pertain to quilting? When my daughter and son-in-law announced that we were having a little boy, I began thinking about what I wanted to do for the little guy. What could I do for him that would be solely from his Nana. I sat up in bed one morning (literally) and said, “I’m making him a quilt!” Keep in mind that I have never made a quilt before…I could barely sew!

Do your Research!

I started researching quilting tutorials and researching patterns, the whole 9 yards. And then it dawned on me….I called my mother, a.k.a. The Quilt Whisperer! lol!

She gave me a piece of good advice. She told me to go with what I know. Keep it simple. So….the simple patch quilt was born. I didn’t do anything fancy. I talked to my daughter and she told me the color scheme for the nursery….I bought a quilt block ruler (6 1/2 inch), 5 different coordinating fabrics and got started.

Let’s get started!

If you’re a beginner, and have never sewn a quilt, I’ll give you the tips my mom gave me:

  • cut out your blocks….whatever size you decide on.
  • sew them together in whatever pattern you want.
  • Sew with a 1/4 inch seam…(the only hard core quilting rule)
  • Make it as big as you want. (my daughter measure the baby bed mattress)

**One important tip**

When picking out fabric, the smaller prints look great on smaller blocks. The larger the print…the larger your block should be.

That’s it! You have a quilt top! No stress! No anxiety! Just a pretty quilt!

Here are some pictures of one of my simple block quilts. Hope you enjoy!

The Georgia Pineapple

Hey There! Welcome to my blog!

I’m sure you’re probably wondering…”Georgia Pineapple?” What does Georgia and Pineapples have in common? Well, let me tell you…

You know the saying, “Be A Pineapple! Stand Tall! Be Sweet! Wear a Crown!

The pineapple is kind of my motto. I believe we should all stand tall – be proud of who we are. Each one of us is unique. We have our own stories, struggles, lessons learned, and also victories. Be proud of what you have survived. Be thankful for each and every day and each and every blessing.

Be sweet. I know, it’s not always the easiest thing to do but it’s worth it. Show kindness and grace – even when others don’t – even when they clearly don’t deserve it. oh yeah…and forgive others. None of us are perfect. There is only one who walked the earth in perfection….and we’re not him!

Wear a crown! Always remember who you belong to – whose daughter you are. I’m a daughter of the King! I don’t deserve a crown – but He thinks I do.

That’s the Pineapple part of the story.

Now for the Georgia part…I’m Georgia born and bred – just a southern girl through and through. Add it together and “The Georgia Pineapple.”

Having said all that, I guess you’re probably wondering what you’ll find on this blog….good question. The answer is, probably a little bit of everything.

I love to encourage people – so there will be a lot of inspiration, mainly spiritual.

I love to create – I love to sew. I’ll share my sewing projects along with patterns and instructions.

I’ll also share my craft ideas and instructions.

All will be free if possible.

I hope you have found my post worth your time. I’ll post more later. Hope to see you soon!

Thanks for stopping by!