A Simple Patch Quilt Started It All!

OK…so quilting my not sound like the most exciting past time. As a matter of fact, you’re probably thinking “quilting? Only grandmas do that!” Well…that’s only partly true. I quilt…and I’m a grandmother….hmmmm. Well….I haven’t always been interested in sewing, much less quilting. Actually, up until recently, my job and career have taken the front seat in my daily journey.

What changed? Everything! I became a Nana! So far I have one little grandson who has become the center of my world! He is the sweetest and funniest little guy. So how does this pertain to quilting? When my daughter and son-in-law announced that we were having a little boy, I began thinking about what I wanted to do for the little guy. What could I do for him that would be solely from his Nana. I sat up in bed one morning (literally) and said, “I’m making him a quilt!” Keep in mind that I have never made a quilt before…I could barely sew!

Do your Research!

I started researching quilting tutorials and researching patterns, the whole 9 yards. And then it dawned on me….I called my mother, a.k.a. The Quilt Whisperer! lol!

She gave me a piece of good advice. She told me to go with what I know. Keep it simple. So….the simple patch quilt was born. I didn’t do anything fancy. I talked to my daughter and she told me the color scheme for the nursery….I bought a quilt block ruler (6 1/2 inch), 5 different coordinating fabrics and got started.

Let’s get started!

If you’re a beginner, and have never sewn a quilt, I’ll give you the tips my mom gave me:

  • cut out your blocks….whatever size you decide on.
  • sew them together in whatever pattern you want.
  • Sew with a 1/4 inch seam…(the only hard core quilting rule)
  • Make it as big as you want. (my daughter measure the baby bed mattress)

**One important tip**

When picking out fabric, the smaller prints look great on smaller blocks. The larger the print…the larger your block should be.

That’s it! You have a quilt top! No stress! No anxiety! Just a pretty quilt!

Here are some pictures of one of my simple block quilts. Hope you enjoy!

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