Daily Devotions

Have you ever had a scripture just pop into your mind? And stay there? Or have you been working your way through a bible study and all of a sudden, the scripture reference has a whole new meaning to you? It’s like…oh my….that’s what God is trying to tell me! LOL!

These short devotionals are inspired by my “oh my!” moments with God. Every now and then, God will give me a new revelation about a scripture. I love it when I’ve read a scripture a dozen times and out of no where… it clicks! Maybe it comes from getting older or maybe it comes from finally listening to God. LOL!

Whatever the case may be, I hope you enjoy these little devotionals and they inspire you in the same way that God inspires me. I will be writing them as God gives them to me.

Feel free to download them, mediate on them, make your own notes, or share them with a friend.

I’ll be praying for you, my sweet friend!