Easy Peasy Baby Blanket

This Blanket is so easy to make…really… probably the easiest blanket I’ve ever put together. 

Supplies:   Fabric, 2 layers, your choice.   In the pictures below, I uses 100% cotton flannel and velvet fleece. You will also need coordinating thread, pins, scissors, sewing machine.

Size:   Is all up to you. I cut my fabric 35.5 inches x 42.5 inches.  This size is great for the car seat or stroller.  It’s also a great size to fold and put in the diaper bag. 

Here’s what you do:

  1. Place fabric right sides together and pin
  2. Sew at least ½ inch seam all the way around leaving a 5-6 inch opening.  The opening needs to be big enough to turn the blanket inside out.
  3. Trim the corners w/o cutting the seams.  This will reduce bulk when you turn the blanket inside out. 
  4. Turn fabric inside out.   Make sure you pull out all 4 corners. 
  5. Ensure the seams are flat and lined up all around the edges of the blanket
  6. At the opening, fold the seams inward to match the rest of the blanket and pin.
  7. Do a top stitch all around the blanket on all 4 sides. 
  8. You’re done!

In the pictures below, I got a little fancy and sewed a patchwork top for the blanket that I made.  You can go as fancy or go as simple as you prefer.  It’s all up to you!

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