Simple Shower Curtain

The Basic Shower curtain size is 72inx72in.   Simple enough! About 4 ¼ yards of Fabric…. most fabrics are 42 inches wide on the bolt.

  1. Measure the length to include a couple of inches at the bottom and top for a hem.  You can add more inches at the top for a wider casing to allow for a shower rod.  (In this project we’ll be using curtain clips.)
  2. Cut the fabric in 2 pieces: 75-76 inches long. ( a few inches longer if you want a wider casing at the top)
  3. Place fabric right sides together (the long side together) and sew.  
  • Both pieces of fabric sewn together will measure between 80 – 84 inches wide.   Trim the sides to allow for a 1-inch hem on each side. Your fabric should measure 75 – 76 inches wide.   
  • Sew the side hems 1st.  Do a double turn ½ inch fold for the side hem.   I do a double turn to hide the raw edge and to keep the fabric from fraying after it is washed. See pics B and C.
  • Use the same concept to do a double turn fold at the bottom and top for a hem.  (for the top, I do a 1 inch double turn. ) The one in the picture is a ½ inch double turn…to hide the raw edge. See pics B and C.

B.                                                                               C. 

  • Press hems and seams with iron.  
  • You’re done!