Straight Seam Valances/Curtains

  1. To make simple Straight Seam Valances/Curtains

a. Measure your window

b. Width = how wide is your window.

c. Length = The length will be dependent on how long you want your curtains to be.   For example:   the length of the window frame may be 50 inches, however, you want the curtains to drape to the floor….so, you will measure from the top of the window or curtain rod down to where you want the curtains to stop.

2. Fabric

a. Your fabric should be twice as wide as your window. Doubling the length will keep your curtain from looking skimpy.   For example:  window width is 36 inches, so, fabric should be 72 inches wide. 

b. Allow 1 inch in the length for the hem.

c. Hem allowance for the top casing is your preference.   I usually allow 4 inches extra in the length to ensure the casing fits around the curtain rod.

3. The Curtain

a. Width: cut your fabric 2 X width of window (calculated in step 2a). 

b. Curtain Length:  Cut your fabric the length calculated in steps 2 b and c.  For example:  36-inch length + 1 inch for hem + 4 inches for top casing = 41 inches.

c. If using 2 pieces of fabric for the width, open fabric flat and place fabric right sides together and sew a ½ inch seam. A zig zag stitch will prevent fraying.  (This will be the width of the fabric not the length.) 

d. Top Casing: Fold your fabric over ¼ inch and fold over (again) 3 ½ inches and pin.   I know this sounds complicated but once you get the hang of it, it’s really simple.  

e. You’re ready to start sewing!  I usually start with the the bottom edge of the casing, stitching close to the edge while keeping it straight.   Back stitch at the start and finish.

f. Stitch across the top of the casing, ¼ inch from the edge.  

The Top is finished!

g. The hem is the same concept but with a shorter fold.  I usually do a ½ inch double turn hem.  

h. Stitch along the inside fold.

You’re Done!!

Press and Hang the curtain!